Devil Maker IndieGoGo CrowdFunding Campaign

Devil Maker IndieGoGo

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Mystic Chiara, Il Padrone & Nickolai Cross Swords and Lock Horns on Federal Hill, RI in the 70’s

Mystic Chiara, “Never Misses a Trick” when “The Man” Il Padrone, and a Cryptic Capo di Tutti Capi, sew up the Hoax of a Lifetime – The Bonded Vault Heist! You’ll never guess where the Swag Jewels wind up! This Dark Comedy will entertain & RIP your heart out. “Magnoonababbi” Souls spark the screen and gaslight the FBI, the Press, & the Roman Catholic Church. Sit in the pews of Holy Ghost Church. Beware! Finger Fr. Amodeo as they weave their tapestry of rich threads gilt with Deceit & Truth – Devil Maker!


Hi there!

I’m reaching out to ask for your support for my campaign:  Devil Maker – A Dark Comedy!

 There are two ways to help: Devil Maker IndieGoGo

1. Contribute – even small contributions raise our popularity and give us more visibility on the site.

2. Post to Facebook – in the end, the more people hear about us, the more likely we are to meet our target.

Click the IndieGoGo Campaign Link to the Right or Above

Thank you & God Bless you all!                



Devil Maker ©2014 A Seven-13 Production & Hreat of Gold Production Film


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