Mystic Chiara, “Never Misses a Trick” when “The Man” Il Padrone – just one of the notorious figures on Federal Hill – and a Cryptic Capo di Tutti Capi, Nickolai, sew up the Hoax of a Lifetime, The Bonded Vault Heist! You’ll never guess where the swag jewels wind up or why! This Dark Dramatic Comedy will entertain and RIP your heart out. “Magnoonababi Mafia” souls spark the screen as they gaslight the Government FBI, the Press, and the Roman Catholic Church. Follow this “Primo U’Pazzu Borgia Borgata” and Chiara as they spin rich threads gilt with Golden Deceit and Truth. Take your place in the pews. Beware! Finger Father Amodeo as they process down the aisle of Holy Ghost Church to weave their Tapestry, “Devil Maker”


Jeff Knight Director

Sheila McLain Knight Producer

Linda May Burdick Screenwriter

A Seven-13 Productions & Heart of Gold Prodcutions Film

IndieGoGo Campaign –

Crowd Funding Campaign


“Devil Maker” © 2014 by Linda May Burdick


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