“According to the Old Testament, King Solomon was charged to build the Temple of Solomon and was known as the wisest of all men. In the Islamic tradition, Solomon is regarded as a prophet and representative of Allah. But there is a hidden side of King Solomon, a side that has been repressed from the western esoteric mysticism and religion.

In the Christian tradition, there is a separate myth that recounts Solomon not only as a wise King but a very powerful Ceremonial Magician. This tradition is recounted in the 15th century Grimoire the Greater and Lesser Keys of Solomon, and the Testament of Solomon, a Christian text dating to around the 1st and 5th centuries CE. Although the author of these obscure texts is unknown, its legend holds that it was the secret firsthand account of Solomon himself. Solomon’s Testament deals with a variety of astrological and magical themes that act as a bridge between Greek Mythology and Christian Theology. The book deals with vast legions of demons, summoning spirits, and magic rings.

The legend begins with a young man who is favored by King Solomon, one day he is attacked by a demon by name of Ornias who used his demonic powers to suck the vitality and life from the Youth’s spirit. Upon hearing this news Solomon summons the archangel Michael through the magickal practice. According to the Lesser Key of Solomon, this magickal practice was known as the Almadel, which is how Solomon was said to have received wisdom from the angels. Michael arrives at the troubled King and entrusts him with a magic ring bearing the six-pointed star, or seal of Solomon, upon it. With this ring, Solomon gained the power to summon demons and spirits using his will to control them and command them to complete tasks.1

Solomon then took control over Ornias who then infiltrated the demonic Prince Beelzebub granting Solomon power over the legion of demons. According to the lesser Key of Solomon of the Ars Goetia, there are 72 demons that are paralleled to the fallen angels described in the Book of Enoch who rebelled against God because they lusted after the daughters of man: The Nephilim. It is important to note that these fallen angels also first brought sorcery and the magickal arts to the material realm. Beelzebul reveals how he was once a high-ranking angel before the fall. It was the four archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel that descended down with their 72 angels of the Almadel and banished the rebellious demons unto the four watchtowers of the universe.

With King Solomon in full command of the 72 demons, he commands them to aid in the construction of the Temple of Solomon. This is where the legend of the Goetia and the Masonic system begin to meet: the same Masonic system our governmental officials adhere to, from George Washington into the lineage of Presidents of Modern Day. The Goetia’s connections can be found in various places throughout the Masonic system, but often hidden so that the true initiate sees not the Adept’s design. The Angelic names bored on the cross of the older versions of the 29th degree Knight of St. Andrew, are a prime example. Nowhere else in Kabbalistic or Magickal lore are these Angelic names referred to, except the Greater Key of Solomon as the last pentacle of the Sun. But these angels are referred to in Phoenician legend, so it seems to understand the importance of the Testament of Solomon we must look at it from the theological perspective of the time.

Solomon’s Magick Circle, Lesser Key of Solomongenielampheart

According to Talmudic texts and the Book of Tobit, King Solomon soon was placed face to face with the king of demons, Asmodeus. Asmodeus is known for tricking King Solomon into gaining his ring of power that he then cast to the sea where it was swallowed by a fish. This allowed the legions of demons under King Solomon’s power to rise up against the king. Asmodeus then cast the King 400 miles outside Jerusalem. Solomon then lived as a beggar wandering from city to city, working in kitchens and doing hard labor. Ancient Rabbis claim this was a divine punishment by God for Solomon worshiping foreign deities. Years later he was walking to a market and bought a fish for his supper, the same fish that held the Magick ring in his belly. King Solomon then returns to Jerusalem to expel Asmodeus and his demonic rule. Asmodeus is said to be thwarted by the Archangel Raphael who binds him. According to a tale found in the 1001 Arabian Nights King Solomon is known as a master of the Djinn, and captures all the Djinn or demons into a brass vessel and seals it with a magickal symbol and casts the vessel out to the sea trapping the Djinn whom he first summoned to build his temple. This legend is the basis for the Greater and Lesser Keys of Solomon. “Aladdin’s Lamp” interprets the struggle of the “Genie in the Bottle” from the collection of “1001 Tales of the Arabian Nights”.

The Lesser Key of Solomon, or the Goetia, is a medieval magical text that claims to give the techniques and materials needed to embark on the mystical path of Solomon. It gives directions for casting magick circles and invoking demons and dark Djinn into the consciousness of the magician. Here like Solomon the magician must unleash the demon from the brass vessel and symbolically slay the demon with a magical sword. Like the Djinn trapped in the magic lamp, the demon may also grant the wishes and desires of the magician, but it is the test of fortitude for the magician to resist these temptations and expel the demon from his mind.”2

Roman Catholicism believes the Demonic Angels are easily controlled: Demons hold no power, as the name of Jesus is the most powerful word in the world. Demons flee upon hearing His authority, by His name alone, are rendered powerless. Knowledge in Solomon’s time was limited and granted to a select few, as Jesus had not been born yet. It was during his 3-year ministry that He taught His disciples how to cast out demons through prayer and fasting. The knowledge and role of Exorcist now lay within His Apostles; they pass the traditions down and through the lineage of Popes, ArchBishops, Bishops respectively until the present day, Father Amorth, God rest his soul, held this key position at the Vatican. In the film “Devil Maker”, Father James LaBar, is called to NY in 1970, to investigate the rise in demonic activity that has spread in Chiara’s new hometown since 1960. He has yet to become an Exorcist as that position was not in use much after the reformation of Vatican II.

Chiara’s case is one of partial possession of the demonic, not full possession as depicted in The Exorcist IMDb 1973. The process of demonic possession is threefold: the use of mind control techniques that combine occult rituals, psychology, and neuroscience with drugs to create an alter ego within the desired subject. Their ultimate goal is to form people into Soldiers for Satan’s Army. Chiara battles three key demons, Asmodeus, Chakra, and Lucifer… an unholy trinity that mimics the Holy Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. God in His Trinity also possesses Chiara’s soul. Her internal battle is wrought with a careful discernment between the two Trinities within tremendous psychological angst, and emotional upheaval. The Lesser and Greater keys of Solomon’s texts are utilized during the Trauma Anchor sessions to invoke and layer into Chiara’s soul – demons. Alistair Crowley and modern day Satanists also utilize Solomon’s Grimoires.
Constantine Stanislavski’s Method of Acting mimics Solomon’s techniques, those which Solomon believes act as bridges between Greek Mythology, Egyptian Mythology, and Christian Theology. As one develops the core persona of a role, the actor/actress must set aside their own soul to allow the creation of a new soul – the character. This process of creating a role is formed by the will of any individual and informs the actress/actor how to behave, react, and respond to the texts of the playwright and the other actors/actresses. The character lives, comes to life within and must die within, upon the end of the Theatrical run; but nonetheless, the new character possesses the body, not the soul of Chiara. In Demonic possession, the battle is an internal struggle for possession of one’s soul. However, in Chiara’s case, because of her theatrical training in Method Acting, she loses her identity and other personalities form within her body. Such is the same affliction with other family members and friends. What a mess! A cast of characters can interchange at a moment’s notice because of a simple trigger response: the touch of a temple, the tap of a heart.

King David, Solomon’s grandson, wrote the “Song of Songs” in the Bible. Some interpret this book as a pure metaphor, laden with golden words to form an allegorical relationship of the bride to her spouse, as Christ is Husband to the Church who is His Bride. Chiara’s soul, on her mystical journey toward God, experiences a natural fusion of those golden words, into a reality within her body. A perfume of roses exudes from her chest in the form of incense. She literally becomes a thurible. Her prayers, her words, are then carried to the Throne of God within the incense that rises from her body, soul, mind, and heart. The literal translation of the Odor of Sanctification follows: “DUO: While the king rests in his own room my nard yields its perfume. My love is a sachet of myrrh lying between my breasts. My love is a cluster of henna flowers among the vines of En-Gedi. How beautiful you are, my beloved, how beautiful you are! Your eyes are doves.” Chiara receives from God the full power and mastery in skills in order to overcome her adversaries, Father Jason Amodeo, Nickolai, and Lucifer.


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