Once upon a very long time ago, in the days of Chaos where confusion and an inability to speak subjugated my life, I immersed myself into the Arts. The Arts were the sole avenue for communication, a sort of notebook or journal where I presented and kept my thoughts in order, a place where I made a historical note and then could reflect upon the abstraction of my words of forms, spaces, shapes, and colors with the vast array of hues and values. Secrets were hidden amidst these elements… no one but myself knew they were there. Others, upon their own reflections, would walk away saying, “My, my, what a beautiful picture!” I even won ribbons for my “Art”. Music provided the venue to express negative emotions and form them into beautiful interpretations of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven in voice and piano. My emotions colored through the phrases of notes strung together: A Song Without Words. Does wherein lie true artistic creation? Is this even possible, or is Life simply the imitation of Art?
What is is about a Story and Storytelling? A truly sensitive person can “read” it – the subtext – within my paintings. What is it about subtext? When a person lies, this is subtext. Upon hearing the liar speak, we say to ourselves,”Something is off about this story… Hmmmmmm.” Likewise, when a person hurts within their souls to the degree of self-annihilation and destruction, who screams from within into their work and actions, why is it so hard for us to hear, or see? While reading “The Old Man in the Sea”, when I was in 7th grade, I cried because I heard clearly Hemingway’s subtext: “I want to kill myself”. Immediately I went to the teacher, this was in 1970, and I expressed my concern. Forlorn, with tears rolling down my face, my teacher informed me that Hemingway had already died 9 years prior to my read through of his work, from a gunshot wound to his head. There remains the controversy – was it an accident? My own personal belief is no, and rightly so, as the circumstances and the timing were off to help him, but his words rang true to me 9 years after the fact. There was nothing I could do as a response, but only live in his testament and react. I said a prayer for him. Then, 35 years later, in 1996, his daughter Margot repeated his actions in her own life. The dilemma, for myself, is that I felt like I dropped the ball… perhaps there was more I could have done to help.
So what about the liar? What are we trying to say when we lie? What is the subtext of the lie? Was Hemingway lying to himself? I believe he was writing his truth, but lying to himself that suicide is the answer to his pain. Are all words and actions formed through the device of subtext lies? Where does the line cross between fantasy, fiction, to reality, and the truth?
Once the subtext of our words is brought out to the level of the actual text, and we put it out there, so to speak like in “On the Nose Dialogue”, the scene and future scenes only become melodramatic without subtext to drive it further into the narrative. While the Truth exposes itself – life then becomes a Melodrama… without depth and substance to carry on, as it expresses itself in both our words and actions. We repeat the same scenes within our lives without insight or care to break the melodramatic pattern. This same truth parallels within a narrative, dialogue, scenes, and sequences within a screenplay. When subtext is brought into the actual text of dialogue, remember to drive the scene further with more subtext.
Upon research of the Hemingway Family, the legacy of suicide repeats from 5 generations prior to Margot’s death. This leads me to wonder why. What psychological, spiritual, and Nature vs Nurture aspects affects this family? You would think that Hemingway, solely based on the fact that he is a writer, would delve into the why’s in terms of his own backstories relating to the characters within his family. Historical records tell us he didn’t care to delve much and he disappeared for times to go fishing rather than face truth. His daughter Margot did, although, in her quest for the Truth, she became enamored with Reincarnation; this ideation became her downfall and she threw herself into the arms of Death rather than Life. What scripts did she hear in her head whereby the subtext of people’s actions and dialogue spoke to her that brought about this choice for death? How do we discern subtext, either from sacred or nefarious sources? We must pray for the Grace of Wisdom to know the difference and align ourselves with a Virtuous Life for the sake of future generations – Life.
What happens when someone says,”I love you”? That awkward moment of truth between two lovers who can’t wait to get it out there and continue on in order to build a life together becomes a Truth to base the next step. They live in Truth and all the complexities of bearing out that truth comes into play to test that statement, “I love you”… and the Melodrama forms it’s the first scene. Someone’s actions in subtext say, “I love you”; while they continue to act upon those unspoken words, it provides the depth that brings color to one’s life… a mystery unfolds.
As this Sphynx in life unfolds and the Light shines upon the Truth -our  actions form subtexts of dialogue that bespeak a Truth. God weaves together a tapestry that forms my own story. Intergenerational seeds sprout from profane sources as well as Sacred sources, design and creates the dance and love in life… where my choices form the thread that binds the quilt into a gorgeous pattern.
The artwork above pops in and out of my life. It tells a truth and sends a message of love even within the contradiction and absence of words and actions. At the same time, it submerges within the action, “Friendship”.  This handmade block print bound together with a group of like-minded artistic friends. His outward action while handing it out and the direct eye contact told me more… His dialogue “Was thinking about you as I made this”… bears a truth that has not died since. I don’t need to pluck its flowers and guess if “He Loves Me” or “He Loves me Not”.  His subtext is clear to me… even today.
The creation of “Devil Maker” imitates Art in Life… the film imitates Art in Sacred Love and the “Art of Love” as the profane entity forms Love. Devil Maker asks us to form an informed choice between the two disparate but similar forms of Love. Intergenerational gifts are a cause for celebration that designs our Legacy; we leave them as gifts to future generations. Our Legacy can also become an Infamous Legacy if we choose to ignore and fail to root out the seeds of intergenerational sins. I will continue to intercede for the Hemingway Family. Let’s form a Legacy that ensures Life for our families whose scripts call us even into the next realm of Heaven. The following link details how to break intergenerational sins and curses.  https://www.catholicwarriors.com/pages/warfare_prayers.htm

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