When a prurient Mystic suffers rape and her son emigrates into the Jordanian Black Market, incense rises to crucify as she burns to ashes and reforms the Cryptic Trinity betwixt her Mafia Priest, a brilliant Satanist, and their abstruse Capo di Tutti Capi, by Holy Orders and Silver Bullets for Sacrosanct Ritual, in order to redeem her son.


Chiara, 16, an alluring mystic, sparks fire into the rough diamonds of turmoil and arabesque landscape, her psyche and soul, as she offers her pain to God as a sacrifice.


Father Jason Amodeo, 37, a suave, magnetic Prince of Darkness, fashions opaque masks of iconoclastic paradoxes that mystify the charisma of sanctity within God’s flock at church.


Joseph Romano, 16, a debonair maverick, heralds Adonis in the silhouette of a teenage girl’s mind when he treads the boards on stage, scores at the soccer field, or masters his artistic pottery in the ceramic room at school.

Chiara’s Mother

Mary, 41, a silk-stocking, sultry shark, perfumes her Venus virginity with delicate deceit, as she intoxicates her victims into aimless abandon at the Psychiatric Center.


Nickolai, 42, a Mafia Priest, heralds silver-tongued words that soak sweet but drip with malodorous cunning and discordant deceit as he enshrouds his diciples in cerements.



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